FAQs for Admission

1. What are the deadlines for submitting all of my application materials?

If you’re applying as a fresher for early decision admission, the deadline is August 15. Regular decision freshman applicants need to have all application materials to GGI by September 1. Also if you’re applying as a LEET student, the filing period will remain the same as mentioned above.

2. Does GGI offer any scholarships?

Financial awards are all based on demonstrated financial need only. GGI offers merit scholarships based upon percentage.

3. Are there academic advising and counselling services available to students?

Yes. The Centre for Academic Resources offers academic support services to students from all disciplines as well. Students can also meet with a professional counsellor at the Counselling Centre.

4. How available are the professors to the students?

Professors make themselves very available to students, giving out their office hours, email addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes even home or cell phone numbers on the first day of class. They encourage students to drop in during their 2 hours a week of office hours, even just to chat.

5. How’s safety on campus?

Safety is very firm on campus with guards at the gate 24*7. After 9p.m. students are required to get into their own residence hall. We also have student security officers patrolling on evenings. Our emergency call boxes, strategically scattered throughout the campus, have a two minute response time.

6. What sort of academic support is available to students?

If a student is not satisfied with the support they get from their professors, there are many other options to pursue. The Geeta Group is a great resource for scholastic support. They offer study groups, note taking tips, tutoring services, etc. It also has specialized support for GATE coaching, staffed by professionals.

7. How important are extracurricular activities?

As a general rule, the academic record is much more important than extracurricular activities. However, substantial talent and accomplishment in the fine arts, athletics or other areas sought by the college plays a significant role in the development of a student. In general, colleges seek depth of involvement rather than breadth; therefore, we advise students to focus time and attention on a few activities in which they excel.

8. Will I have access to computers and the Internet on campus?

The Division of Information Services maintains more than 1,000 computers on campus devoted primarily to student use. Other labs are available for use by engineering, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and physics majors. And all of the campuses of Geeta Group of Institutions have direct access to high-speed Internet in each room.