A Guide to in-demand specialities, employers and skills

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A Guide to in-demand specialities, employers and skills

Computer engineering is a driving force behind innovation and technologies that are changing the world, pushing computing power and capabilities to the edge. Bridging hardware (e.g. microprocessors, tablets) and software, computer engineering has implications across many industries, ranging from technology to healthcare, green energy to aeronautics. Engineering College in Haryana provides a high-level overview of the computer engineering profession, including insight into various career paths, emerging industries, and employment opportunities, companies that are hiring computer engineers, skills and knowledge categories, as well as tips for preparing for computer engineering careers.

Engineering College in Haryana

Computer engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study, one that combines electrical engineering and computer science disciplines into a specialized professional area of practice. In short, computer engineers make computers and computing systems better. Broadly, computer engineers design hardware for computing systems, network and computer architecture, design software for applications, analyze and design microprocessors, build interface systems, and work with microcontrollers and circuit designs. In turn, computer engineering has wide applications, impacting areas such as cyber security, wireless networking, design automation, computer networks, mobile computing, robotics, embedded systems and machine intelligence.


Engineering College in Haryana gives birth to skilled engineers with a specialized background in a range of technical areas. However, employers seek those with a combination of technical and soft, employability skills – the skills that are necessary for the employee to apply technical knowledge effectively. According to the National Workforce Centre for Emerging Technologies, some of the top soft skills for computer engineers include project management, critical thinking, time management and organization, interpersonal, and communication skills. Secondary to employability skills, computer engineers should possess industry-specific technical skills for their area of practice (whether network or hardware design).


For computer engineering majors or individuals seeking a job in computer engineering, landing a job is not as simple as sending in a resume, however. With increased need comes increased competition as recruiters are trying to land the best talent for their organizations. This means that job candidates must be prepared – from submitting a resume to participating in an interview. Through the entire process, computer engineering candidates should work to demonstrate their intelligence and professional experience, ability to solve problems and how they would fit into a company’s culture.

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