Computer Science VS Computer Engineering

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Computer Science VS Computer Engineering

Although computer science and computer engineering can often be mistaken as similar disciplines, they are very distinct and unique from each other. However, both also have similarities. It is important to know how they compare and contrast in order to better understand our rapidly changing, tech-savvy world. Computer science deals with the designing of software, looking at algorithms and how the two interface with other software. It is part mathematics, part engineering and a little bit of creative arts all mixed together. Examples include things like simulations, operating systems, software products and video games. Computer engineering is more of a hybrid role that focuses on how computer science and electrical engineering come together. Computer engineering deals with hardware design. The engineer focuses on both the hardware and software aspects of technology. They study how the two interact together. Examples include building consumer electronics, smart phones and network hardware.

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Differences in the Classroom

As far as classroom experience goes, computer engineering majors from Best B.Tech College in Haryana get more hands-on experience in the last two years of their undergraduate career than computer science majors do. Students see both the hardware and software aspect of technologies in their classes. Computer science majors get more theory-based classes. Computer engineering classes are not just theory-based, ethical issues and the social implications of engineering are also taught. The Best B.Tech College in Haryana also has a co-op program that helps students from both disciplines find work. Computer engineering and computer science majors have the opportunity to get college credit while doing internships.

Should I pursue computer science or computer engineering?

Scientists and engineers are both interested in the nature of things, in understanding how ideas and objects in the world fit together. But in general, they seek to understand the nature of reality with different ends in mind: the scientist seeks this understanding as an end in itself, the engineer in order to build things. Thus CS is closer to the underlying theory of computation, with its roots in mathematics, and CEN is closer to the design of physical devices, with roots in physics and chemistry as well. The more general the software, the closer to CS; the more hardware-specific, the closer to CEN. Thus a student from Best B.Tech College in Haryana, interested in creating his own new general-purpose computer language would best be served by a CS degree program; while one interested in designing a software interface for a new high speed serial device by the CEN degree program.

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