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Engineering is a versatile degree. More than half of the people who have an engineering degree work in other areas like medicine, law, investment banking, and consulting, prompting many experts to call engineering the new liberal arts degree. There is perhaps no other career that spans so many areas—healthcare, agriculture, entertainment, business, and more. Engineering students must be able to identify problems and use logic and reasoning to identify solutions. They also learn how to use objectivity when approaching the implementation of these solutions.

In this global era, the world needs so many engineers. The world needs in plenty well-equipped, talented graduates with the right attitude. There are job opportunities for those who have the potential. In addition, opportunities for self-employment are also plenty for innovative and energetic minds. An Engineering education, whether undergraduate or graduate, teaches students core skills that are highly employable across many different industries, and can be applied to many different professions.

Engineering college in Haryana offers combinations of courses in the higher secondary level. The ideal higher secondary system would orient the student towards evaluating their aptitude and choosing to pursue one of the two streams.

In the absence of proper orientation in the system, parents and their wards follow an inappropriate procedure while selecting their branch of study in the college. During counseling, we notice that the selection of a branch of study is based on the following:

(1) The most sought-after branch in counseling

(2) The branch having good job opportunities as seen by the previous year placements

(3) Parental pressure

(4) Peer pressure.

How to make the choice:

There are some thumb rules to be followed in choosing an Engineering college in Haryana.

  • The interest of the candidate and his/her choice of branch should be the criteria for admission.
  • Every parent should orient the child towards finding out their natural interest and the aptitude for the particular subject or branch of study.
  • Parents should avoid deciding for the candidate.
  • For a strong-willed person, if the choice is made based on his/her liking and natural taste, then studying that branch will be the best thing rather than joining any other branch, for whatever reason.
  • The choice of institution is also critical.

The other option is for the students to take the branch of study available in a reputed college and start liking that branch, plan well and work hard. What is critical is students’ interest in the branch of study and the efforts put in by them to equip themselves adequately enough during their studies.

Summary – Making good use of an engineering degree needs careful thought before and after making the decision.

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