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Engineering and engineering technology are inextricably related professional areas that differ in:

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Curricular Focus – The centre of focus of engineering programs is theory and conceptual design, while engineering technology programs usually focus on application and implementation. Engineering programs require vast additional, higher-level mathematics, including multiple semesters of calculus and calculus-based theoretical science courses, while engineering technology programs generally focus on algebra, trigonometry, applied calculus, and other courses that are more practical than theoretical in nature.

Career Paths – Choosing Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana can be a daunting task that often leaves student and their parent puzzled and confused. If you choose a good engineering college it can be your first small step towards having a successful career. A good college along with its reputation and education always lends a great support in your career life. Start with visiting the college websites and short list the ones that appeal to you in terms of college infrastructure, reputation and your academic percentage.

Engineers form a core part of the engineering programs and often pursue entry-level work involving conceptual design or research and development. Many continue on to graduate-level work in engineering. Technologists are the graduates of four-year engineering technology programs whereas technicians are the graduates of two-year engineering technology programs. These professionals are most likely to enter positions in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, product design, testing, or technical services and sales. Those who pursue higher study often consider engineering, facilities management, or business administration.

There is much overlapping between the fields. Engineers may follow MBAs and open their own consulting firms, while technologists may spend their entire careers in design capacities. There are lots of other advantages of doing a degree in Haryana. Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana such as NIT Kurukshetra, and UIET make it a number one city in terms of engineering education.

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