Solving Problems or Creating Solutions?

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Solving Problems or Creating Solutions?

As engineers we spend a lot of time solving problems. A customer has a problem and it needs to be fixed. The electronic boards you have just designed are not working and the problem needs to be fixed. Problem solving has a certain mindset. A problem is narrowly defined and the focus is solving that one problem as quickly as possible. An analytical mindset is adopted and there is an intense search for cause and effect. The flip side of engineering is that we also get the opportunity to create solutions. Creating solutions is about seeing the bigger picture and understanding the idea or problem within the context of a larger system. This requires more lateral thinking and gathering information from a far wider variety of sources then when we are “solving problems.”

Choosing a Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana 2016 can be a daunting task that often leaves student and their parent puzzled and confused. If you choose a good engineering college it can be your first small step towards having a successful career. A good college along with its reputation and education always lends a great support in your career life. Start with visiting the college websites and short list the ones that appeal to you in terms of college infrastructure, reputation and your academic percentage.

Placements play an important role in choosing the Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana 2016. Look for the companies that regularly visit the college campuses and inquire about the placement percentage of the college. It is always wiser to inquire through alternative sources like previous students or existing seniors. A personal visit from the parents can also help in choosing a good engineering college. Other important factors are extra-curricular activities and the location of the college. The expanse of the college area lends peace and ambience to the studies. Extracurricular activities like seminars, college fetes, workshops, industrial trainings and lectures from various industry experts or visiting faculties add to the overall education and personality development. The Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana 2016 should not only have a good college building but you should assess it in terms of ambience, capacity to support the intake of students, workshops, computer labs, laboratories, etc.

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