Top MBA Institutes in Haryana – Credentials for Choosing a B-School

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Top MBA Institutes in Haryana – Credentials for Choosing a B-School

In last some years the education system prevalent in Haryana has undergone huge developments and the management education is not lagging behind. The Top MBA Institutes in Haryana imparts management education of finest quality to the students. The Haryana MBA colleges are replete with eminent faculty members and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Most of the MBA institutions in Haryana arranges for placement facilities to the students in the reputed companies and industries. Admission to MBA colleges in Haryana takes place according to the performance of the applicants at the management entrance tests such as CAT, MAT etc. Apart from these the overall academic performance of the students are also taken into account. Both post graduate degree and diploma courses are offered at the MBA institutes in Haryana.


(a) Quality of students
The quality of students on campus makes a huge difference on account of the interaction that students have with their peers. A significant proportion of the learning at any good B-School happens outside class and a fairly significant part of this comes from peer learning. A great deal of learning at any B-School is on account of group activities such as assignments and projects. Hence, better the peers, richer is the learning experience.

(b) Quality of faculty 
The quality of the inputs one gets at a B-School is driven by the quality of the faculty. The Top MBA Institutes in Haryana makes significant investments to attract and retain a top-notch faculty team. Most top B-Schools have a judicious mix of full- and part-time faculty members. The full-time faculty team provides the continuity and monitoring that is needed over the two-year period. The part-time faculty team gives students the much-needed external exposure, especially in terms of contacts with industry and access to real time projects.

(c) Placements
It helps to understand that all companies that B-Schools claim to be recruiters from their campus need not necessarily be picking up students in the final placement process. Some/many of them may be those who hired students for summer internships. Students should make the necessary effort to get a clear picture about this before making their decision, particularly if they are basing their decision on the kind of companies that visit the campus. It requires a fair amount of due diligence before one can come to drawing conclusions about the status of placements in a B-School.

f) Quality of infrastructure 
One of the important things required for an institute to function satisfactorily is the availability of necessary infrastructure in terms of a state-of-the-art computer lab, high-speed internet connectivity, well-stocked library with subscriptions to management journals, and classrooms furnished with audio-visual aids. Any institute that does not have these facilities cannot be called top-class. The fully residential programme of the top B-Schools fosters all-round development as the period of interaction with peers and faculty is just not restricted to the class hours but is an ongoing 24/7 process where the scope to learn is multiplied many times over.

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