What is the Role of Law Schools?

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What is the Role of Law Schools?

Legal education exposes budding lawyers to a wide range of legal subjects, procedure, contracts, criminal law, evidence, constitutional law, corporate law, property law, administrative law, commercial law and so on. It presents future lawyers, judges and public officials with a broad range of perspectives that will enhance their work.

Law Colleges in Haryana

Law Colleges in Haryana offers students a supervised, thorough and disciplined opportunity to learn practical legal skills though externships and trial practice. This is a far superior way for young lawyers to gain these skills than by doing scot work for attorneys who are often too busy to teach them. It provides students with opportunities to work on journals and in moot court competitions to enrich the education of future lawyers in terms of their advocacy skills.

Attending law school full time, it instils an individual in a culture and in an environment that was at first quite daunting. From Day One in law school, you are immersed into a process of learning that involves a very high degree of detailed analysis which ultimately leads to critical thinking and reasoning.

Learning to “think like a lawyer” is not something that comes with just a little bit of training or coaching. It is a lengthy process that comes with study over a period of time.

In order to be a great lawyer, one must have a degree of attention to detail that is so refined and so clearly able to distinguish the most minute of differences, that they can in fact draft a contract, prepare a memorandum, write a legal brief, negotiate with opposing party, argue on the facts in a trial, and do any other legal task with such precision as to represent their client’s interests to the utmost degree.

Law Colleges in Haryana participates in the deliverance of legal aid to the citizens. These institutions and the participation of the students can play a great role if their efforts are placed into the right direction. All the law schools are playing some or the other role to enhance the role of legal aid.

The law schools can be of a great help to the society. Being students, they will gain experience and they will have all resources essential for them. Setting up seminars, going to the masses, visiting the jails and doing other activities can help to bring a change in the society.

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