Chairman Message

Geeta Group of Institutions

As we move on from century of specialization and technique to century of connectivity and relationship along with every other profession and institution in our society, management education is also being asked to justify its usefulness to society. “Innovate of perish, invent and cherish” has become the most frequently chanted mantra in the corporate world today. Be dynamic or die, is clear and simple call of time.

In the light of globalization of Indian economy and capitulation of Indian brands, it is imperative for future leaders to be aware of ground realities so that they can face with confidence the emerging global challenges of international markets. This changing scenario of world has forced us to take the initiative in setting up the Technical Institute in the heart of Haryana.

The advent of K.R. Education Society in the year 1985 was a small step towards this direction. The Society started with a small school for Youngsters, it has today emerged as a stronger body embedded with a Galaxy of Eleven Institutes of high repute, christened together as Geeta Group of Institutions and spread in five campuses around Panipat City. In this competitive and dynamic environment, the technical and management education needs to prepare students, who will be our future managers and technocrats, with a new perspective on the emerging issues in management and technology.

Based on the strong foundation of Ethics, Positivism, Passion and Excellence, GGI is destined to prepare its students intellectually to stand up, speak out and achieve in all walks of life in the competitive world. I dedicate this outcome to the young aspiring students of the country and present the concise version to them.

I firmly believe and am confident that they will find the information contained in most useful and relevant to career development.


Vice Chairman Message

Ankush Bansal
Vice Chairman

Nishant Bansal
Vice Chairman 

We are on the threshold of a new economic and social order. With radical developments taking place in the field of Science and Technology, the present era is witnessing a revolution. Just as machines amplified the reach of the human muscle some decades ago, microchip is amplifying the reach of our brain today.

Technology is influencing the way we live, the way we transact and relate to the world around us. Obviously, Technology Education is the key to a bright & successful future. The aim of future engineering and management education should be the integration of knowledge, skills, understanding and experience for providing creative.

With an aim to remain Quality conscious, Efficient and Responsive to rapidly changing Economic and Technological developments, Geeta group of institution has taken up the challenge for not only to provide technical and corporate training to the students, but also delivers the effort to make them self-confident, better human beings with leadership qualities.